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Image Details: M038 - The Starfish Cluster

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M038 - The Starfish Cluster

Object/Name: Messier M038 (NGC 1912) Image Details:
Type: Open Cluster Trumpler class III 2 m Luminance IRB:5.00 min. (18) – 90.00 min. 1x1
Constellation: Auriga Red:5.00 min. (12) – 60.00 min. 1x1
RA: 05 hours 28.7 minutes Green:5.00 min. (12) – 60.00 min. 1x1
Dec: +35 degreees 51 minutes Blue:5.00 min. (12) – 60.00 min. 1x1
Distance: 4,200.0 light years Total Time:270 minutes
Magnitude: 6.4 mag   
Size: 21.0 x 15.0 arc minutes   
Imaging Dates: 3 January - 4 February 2008   
Location: Dark Horse Observatory, Kimberton, PA 19460 U.S.A.   
Telescope: Takahashi BRC-250 Mount: Mountain Instruments
CCD: SBIG ST-10XME Rotator: Optec Pxyis Rotator
Focuser: Finger Lakes Instruments DF2 Filters: Astrodon Series E
Software Used:
  MaximDL v 1.45 FocusMax
The Sky 6 CCDAutoPilot3
CCDStack MiraPro
PS CS3 RC Gradient Xterminator
Noise Ninja Noel Carboni’s Photoshop Tools
Detailed Information:
M38 is an open cluster on about 120 stars in the constellation Auriga. It is the third Messier open cluster in southern part of Auriga (M36, M37, and M38). Located about 30 seconds to the southwest is a tight eighth magnitude open cluster (NGC 1907) which was not included in this image. As can also be seen on the closeup MegaStar 5 chart, a faint planetary nebula, Abell 9, is also nearby, but too faint to see in this image.

This is a finder chart for M038 based on a screen shot from Mega Star v5

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