Dark Horse Observatory
Kimberton, PA US


Owner: Christopher Abissi
Graphic Image: courtesy of Jim Misti

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5 May 2014
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Dark Horse Observatory, Kimberton, PA
Welcome to Dark Horse Observatory
Kimberton, PA

Welcome to the new and improved Dark Horse Observatory Web site. I have made use of a professional web design and hosting service. The site runs with a database behind it which now allows me to easily assign an image to multiple categories. This should help my visitors find what they are looking for more easily.

The original intent has not changed. This web site was created to share the images that I have taken myself or have collaborated on. It is my hope that it provides my visitors with both aesthetic pleasure and with new knowledge. I plan to share some of my learnings along the way as I make progress in mastering this challenging hobby. Not all the pictures are ready for display on the NASA APOD site and some are pretty poor by my current standards. I leave them on the site so that you can see where I came from as well as where I have progressed. If you are interested in starting this hobby, I think that it will be comforting to see how humble beginnings can grow. I intend that this site will grow, so please return often to see what is new.

If you are wondering about the name, Dark Horse Observatory, or the logo I offer this explanation. It has at least three levels of meaning to me. The first, as you can see from the logo, is that it reflects the Horsehead nebula, which has always been one of my favorite objects. Second , the checkerboard pattern in the background is intended to reflect my interest in chess, not to mention that a black knight resembles a dark horse. Finally, I thought that it was a long shot (another expression for this is "a dark horse") that I would ever get an observatory. But as you can see, dreams do come true. Bottom line, I liked the name and I liked the logo that I designed and they go well together! I hope you take some enjoyment from this site. 21 August 2008

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