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This is a list of some of the imagers who have been influential in my pursuit of this hobby. It is not exhaustive or complete and I do not wish to offend anyone who’s name has been left off the list. In fact, if you would like your name and site added, please drop me a line with the link and I will add your name as I am able.


Chris Abissi


Astrophotographer Portraits
Robert Allevo
Frank S Barnes
Bob Benamati
Giovanni Benintende
Massimo Bernardi
Greg Bradley
Darrel Crawford
Ken Crawford
Steve Crouch
Thomas V. Davis
Neil Fleming
Jay Gabani
Robert Gendler
Don Goldman
Chris Hetlage
Josch Hambsch
Greg Hartke
Bob Holzer
Bernhard Hubl
Steven Juchnowski
David Malin
Carlo and Mauro Margaro
Jim Misti
Robert Reeves
Stephen T Roffo, Jr.
Dean Rowe
Matthew T Russell
Dean Salman
Enzo Santin
Johannes Schedler
Michael Siniscalchi
Ron Stanley
Jim Thommes
Don Waid

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