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Image Details: M067 - King Cobra Cluster

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M067 - King Cobra Cluster

Object/Name: M067 (NGC 2682) Image Details:
Type: Open Cluster (II 2 m) Luminance IRB:5.00 min. (9) – 45.00 min. 1x1
Constellation: Cancer Red:5.00 min. (6) – 30.00 min. 1x1
RA: 08 hours 51.4 minutes Green:5.00 min. (6) – 30.00 min. 1x1
Dec: +11 degreees 49 minutes Blue:5.00 min. (6) – 30.00 min. 1x1
Distance: 2,600.0 light years Total Time:135 minutes
Magnitude: 6.9 mag   
Size: 30.0 x 30.0 arc minutes   
Imaging Dates: 9 - 10 March 2008   
Location: Dark Horse Observatory Kimberton, PA
Telescope: Takahashi BRC-250 Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250
CCD: SBIG ST-10XME Filter Wheel: SBIG CFW10
Rotator: Opetc Pyxis Rotator Focuser: Finger Lakes Instruments DF2 Focuser
Filters: Astrodon Series E Filters   
Software Used:
  MaximDL v 1.45 FocusMax
The Sky 6 CCDAutoPilot3
CCDStack MiraPro
PS CS3 RC Gradient Xterminator
Kodak GEM Noise Reduction Softtware Noise Ninja
Noel Carboni‚Äôs Photoshop Tools  
Detailed Information:
M67, the King Cobra cluster, is an open cluster in Cancer that is visible to the naked eye. It is also one of the oldest known open clusters with recent estimates putting it around 4 billion years old.This cluster containes more than 300 stars. Since the age of this open cluster of stars approximates the age of our solar system it has been the target of investigators looking for stars like our sun. It is estimated that the cluster contains 100 sun-like stars. This cluster was first discoverd by Johann Koehler before 1779. It was rediscovered and entered into his catalog by Charles Messier on April 6, 1780.

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