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Image Details: M029 - The Cooling Tower

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M029 - The Cooling Tower

Object/Name: M029 (NGC 6913, The Cooling Tower) Image Details:
Type: Open Cluster - Trumpler Class III 3 p n Luminance IRB:5.00 min. (24) – 120.00 min. 1x1
Constellation: Cygnus Red:5.00 min. (18) – 90.00 min. 1x1
RA: 20 hours 24.1 minutes Green:5.00 min. (18) – 90.00 min. 1x1
Dec: +38 degreees 29 minutes Blue:5.00 min. (18) – 90.00 min. 1x1
Distance: 4,400.0 light years H-alpha (75% red & 15% blue lighten):15.00 min. (8) – 120.00 min. 1x1
Magnitude: 6.6 mag Total Time:510 minutes
Size: 10.0 x 10.0 arc minutes   
Imaging Dates: 26 - 29 July 2008   
Location: Dark Horse Observatory, Kimberton, PA 19460 U.S.A.   
Telescope: Takahashi BRC-250 Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250
CCD: SBIG ST-10XME Rotator: Optec Pxyis Rotator
Focuser: Finger Lakes Instruments DF2 Filters: Astrodon Series E Software
Software Used:
  CCDStack MiraPro Professional
Photoshop CS2 Russel Croman’s Gradient Xterminator
Noel Carboni’s Astronomy Tools  
Detailed Information:
M029 is an open cluster in the constellation Cygnus which has the Trumpler classification of III 3 p n. The fourth entry "n" denoted surrounding nebulosity. These nebulae are DWB33 on the upper left & LBN224 on the right. These identifications are based upon the annotations on Bernhard Hubl's beautiful wide field image -

This object was observed and cataloged by Messier on 29 July 1764. It is located 2 degrees south-southeast of Gamma Cygni (the central star in the cross of Cygnus). To visual observers there are typically only about a dozen 8th- 9th magnitude stars. It is somewhat obscured by the nebulae that overlay it in the eyepiece. My image only begins to capture these nebular, but for a better and wider view I refer you to the image link above.

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