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Object/Name: Messier (NGC 6341) Image Details:
Type: Globular Cluster Luminance IRB:5.00 min. (12) – 60.00 min. 1x1
Constellation: Hercules Red:5.00 min. (10) – 50.00 min. 1x1
RA: 17 hours 17.1 minutes Green:5.00 min. (10) – 50.00 min. 1x1
Dec: +43 degreees 08 minutes Blue:5.00 min. (10) – 50.00 min. 1x1
Distance: 25,400.0 light years Total Time:210 minutes
Magnitude: 6.5 mag   
Size: 14.0 x 14.0 arc minutes   
Imaging Dates: 2 - 3 July 2008   
Location: Dark Horse Observatory, Kimberton, PA 19460 U.S.A.   
Telescope: Takahashi BRC-250 Mount: Mountain Instruments
CCD: SBIG ST-10XME Rotator: Optec Pxyis Rotator
Focuser: Finger Lakes Instruments DF2 Filters: Astrodon Series E
Software Used:
  CCDStack MiraPro Professional
Photoshop CS2 Russel Croman’s Gradient Xterminator
Noel Carboni’s Astronomy Tools  
Detailed Information:
This is a sometimes overlooked object in the constellation taking a back seat to the Great globular cluster, M013, and the Hercules cluster of galaxies for many observers. In fact observers such as Burnham have noted that if it were located in another constellation it would be considered a show piece. Since both globulars are at the same distance from Earth, any difference in size reflects a difference in their physical size. This was first observed by Johan Elert Bode in 1777 and catalogued by Messier in March 1781. This globular has a compact core and appears to be about 7' smaller in diameter than M013.

At the top edge of this image you can see a small edge-on galaxy variously cataloged as PGC 59984, MCG+7-35-58, and CGCG225-91. Oriented at around 10 o'clock from the globular are two faint galaxies oriented at right angles to one another. They are MAC1717+4322B and MAC1717_4322A.

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