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Backyard Observatories  Scott Horstmann designed and built my observatory. He is wonderful to work with and does great work! 
Finger Lakes Instruments  The manufacturer of my FLI DF2 focuser. They also make excellent CCDs
BrilloEstelar - Jose Luis Gonzalez - Proprietor   /> He constructed my rotators, the Smart Framer. The Smart Framer can be constructed for the Takahashi TOA-130, TOA-150, and FSQ-106. Other Takahashi telescopes as well as refractors such as the TMB telescopes and possibly others can be constructed in custom configurations to work with your equipment. For example, you can see two configurations pictured ** here ** for the Takahashi BRC-250 and ** here ** for the TMB 105/650 refractor were created for use at the Dark Horse Observatory ( The Smart Framer employs a more heavy duty motor than the standard RoboFocus and uses a controller that allows simultaneous use of 2 devices (e.g.including two of these: a rotator, a focuser, or a focuser and filter wheel). Jose does Excellent work and is very responsive to customer needs! Please contact him at: ** Jose Luis Gonzalez ** for discussion of how to configure it for your equipment and pricing information. 

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